Apple Watch Pricing

It'll come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I plan to get an Apple Watch. Hell, they're practically coming out on my birthday. I've been thinking about what model to get an I've decidedr  on the Sport. It's not like I'd ever consider dropping $10,000 on a gold watch, like the Apple Watch Edition, anyway. However, I do think there's a market for the model, albeit a very small one. 

If you're a VP at Apple working on a new product, you're expected to use that instead of what you currently use. Giving up a shitty Palm or Nokia for an iPhone makes sense, as does a PC for a Mac to most extent. But giving up a Rolex for an aluminum sports watch does not compute. I think Apple made the gold Edition models for themselves and since they had to ramp up production anyway, why not make a "limited" supply for the few others out there like themselves.