Continuation of my catalog of favorite albums

Each year around my birthday, I select my favorite album from the last year. This is the third installment of that tradition, taken from April 2009 when I was still using LiveJournal as my main blogging platform.

More than 5 years ago, in March 2004, I came upon the idea of cataloging a favorite album from each year. I started as far back as I could remember listening to music and listed an album for each year.

Last year I updated the list with favorite albums from 2005-07. Now I’d like to add my album for 2008. I plan on updating this every year around my birthday, so I’ve set a to-do list reminder for a year from now.

coldplay / viva la vida
2008 - third year in chicago, second year at depaul - 25 years old

A note on the completely subject selection criteria: The album listed as my favorite of that year is the one that I feel I spent the most time listening to during that year. It’s the album that when I think of, it takes me back to that time.

2016 Update: I find it tremendously funny that even at 25 years old, the year I made this pick, I knew this was a terrible one. So bad that I had to add that caveat at the end. Eight years later, I still listen to a lot of my annual favorite album picks, but not this one.