Hello again, World!

It’s been years since I blogged. Frankly, my writing has had little focus or purpose over the years, perhaps with the exception of my most recent and now defunct foray, Across the Line, which covered the intersection of music & technology for several months in 2010. As good as parts of it were, even it lacked the kind of truth and honesty I now seek. I believe my time away from writing has helped me break those habits. Secondly, I’ve always felt an intimidation factor that comes with any blog I wrote. The time to write for and maintain it being the most evident. Apparently this problem isn’t unique to me, hence why platforms like Medium and Tumblr exist.

And so, here I am starting to write again. I promise what I write here will always have a focus, a single, running thread: to act as a chronicle of my experiments with technology.

Over the past year, I’ve experimented with integrating technology into my daily life in more in more ways than I can count. I owned and sold a Pebble smartwatch. I backed the Bike Spike on Kickstarter. I tried every which way possible to get my music library onto my Sonos. I got addicted to dictating notes and reminders to Siri. And I changed smartphones so many times I started a single-purpose site, whatphoneisbillusing.com as a joke so my friends could keep track. #firstworldproblems indeed.

Still, I often try my hardest to remind myself we live in an insanely challenging yet amazing time. Billions of people will have their first experience with the internet in places never wired for telephones. Some children born today will do “homework” at school and watch recorded lectures at home. Entire segments of economies, both developed and developing, will bloom from backing provided directly by individual patrons (I’m looking at you, Kickstarter and Kiva).

The technologies we create and the habits we engender around them have the power to change the world around us in ways we may never come to understand. My writing here serves as a chronicle of my own personal attempts at understanding it.