HIMSS on Usability

This paper by HIMSS sums up the obvious, but it’s great reading it as written by such an authoritative organization.

Some choice quotes from the first two pages:

  • A key reason, aside from initial costs and lost productivity during EMR implementation, is lack of efficiency and usability of EMRs currently available.
  • Achieving the healthcare reform goals of broad EMR adoption and “meaningful use” will require that efficiency and usability be effectively addressed at a fundamental level.
  • Usability is often mistakenly equated with user satisfaction, which is an oversimplification.
  • We submit that usability is one of the major factors—possibly the most important factor—hindering widespread adoption of EMRs.
  • Effective training and implementation methods affect user adoption rates as well, but training is both harder and more costly, and implementation is more complex and difficult when usability is lacking.

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(2016 Upate: Unfortunately that link no longer works, and I don't have a copy saved anywhere.)