How Amazon Could Improve Sharing Blog Posts on the Kindle

One of my favorite features of the my new Kindle e-book reader is how great it makes reading blogs. The combination of my Kindle and iPhone means I barely need to use my laptop to perform everday tasks like reading and email/IM/search/Twitter/Facebook, respectively.

What I miss about reading blogs on my laptop though is how easy it is to share links to an article with my friends. I could just copy the URL, maybe trim it with a URL shortening service, then post it to Twitter or Facebook, or email it. It was also easy to copy snippets of the article to include in posts/email.

In a perfect world, each Kindle blog post would have sharing links for the popular services. For example, the end of each post would have links for "Save to Delicious" and "Digg This." It would also ideally include a short URL like http://kind.le/a7dj873 so that I could easily post something like this to Twitter or Facebook using my phone: "Just read article from TechCrunch on the Hubble Space Telescope on my Kindle, check it out: http://kind.le/a7dj873"

I sent this idea along to Amazon via their address.

Oh, and I typed this on my iPhone, thanks in part to the Mail app's new landscape keyboard.