Music Production on the iPad. (Or why I might cave and buy one yet.)

Now that the iPad is (finally?) out in the wild, here are a few reasons that just may intice me to cave and buy one yet.

I’m pretty jazzed after reading through the great round-up at Create Digital Music of apps designed to use the iPad to make music. For me, I’m excited to try the iPad out for a few different purposes:

  1. Practically speaking, it would be a great MIDI controller for my software synths, by using it to drive Reason and Pro Tools. I have a MicroKorg, but the portability of the iPad, to easily sit it on my lap, would be unparalleled. I’m curious to see how the latency is though.
  2. As a control surface for Pro Tools. I’ve never had one, so I’ve always controlled Pro Tools with my keyboard and mouse.
  3. To use it as a live musical instrument. This will certainly require some imagination on my part, but mark my words, I will make this happen. After all, inspiration is out there.

Now I just need to actually pick one up, but I promised myself I wouldn’t get the first generation.