In Conversation with I Fight Dragons

Ask I Fight Dragons lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Mazzaferri to describe his band’s sound and you’ll likely hear an explanation of an underground internet meme scene known as Chiptune. More on just what that is later.

You can start to get an idea of the how eclectic this band is by taking a solid chunk of pop-punk, mixing it with some old-school NES, Commodore 64 and Atari tones, and then throwing in lyrical references to everything from sci-fi pop culture to youthful idealism. If you’re skeptical, know that in just over a year this Chicago-based band has amassed a legion of fans, headlined legendary rock venue The Metro, and recently signed to Atlantic Records. 

Mazzaferri took some time out from touring and working on I Fight Dragons’ debut full-length album to take some questions. In our discussion, we cover the band’s unexpected beginnings, connecting with fans over the internet, and of course, the geeky gadgetry behind their music.

In Conversation: Thoughts on the iPad

Following the announcement of the Apple iPad earlier this week, my friend Adam Pavlik, a life-long die-hard Apple fan and shareholder himself, posted to Facebook his thoughts on the new device. Now, when I say Adam is an Apple fan, that is slightly an understatement. While I got my first Mac in 2004, Adam grew up in a home with them and never owned another brand computer that I know of. When I commented on his comments, he commented on mine, and a back and forth of a caliber like I never anticipated ensued.

I am re-posting my conversation with Adam's permission here for two reasons: 

  1. You never see a conversation like this on Facebook. (Frankly, I feel sorry for the other two guys who were tagged in the post because their inboxes were filled with our uber-nerd-fest.) After all, and this is a completely subjective and unscientific observation, most "dialog" on Facebook consists of "OMG lolz!!!1!!one!" and "ur dumb."
  2. Adam and I both make what I feel are valid points and managed to summarize a good portion of the news swirling around the media about the iPad. It saves me from writing a blog about it myself. My friend and roommate Josh and I for one have conversations like this all the time about myriad topics, including Apple of course. It's just that I've never seen an instance where the conversation was so well-documented and played out in a written form.

 So without further adeu, here is the conversation itself: